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Siddhesh S. Mangela
2 min readDec 14, 2016


The Classification of intelligence

if you search the word ‘Intelligence’ on google, the result will say ‘Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.’ i like this definition for being short and simple.

lets divide intelligence into different types to understand it better.

Academic Intelligence

The word academic means relating to schools, colleges, and universities, or connected with studying and thinking, not with practical skills. So basically all of your school and college education comes under academic Intelligence. In major cases it is required to get a job but practical application is doubtful.

angry students,

Field Intelligence

Also can be called as ‘applied Intelligence’. It deals with practical application, the actual work you do, as a professional or an amateur. If your ‘Academic Intelligence’ is useful in your day to day tasks then it transcends to ‘Field Intelligence’.

Homer at work , Fullmetal870 @ deviantart

Adaptive Intelligence

Adaptive Intelligence is knowledge of surrounding. Shortcuts to the way home, analysis of traffic. The most ignored Intelligence type because of being natural equipped but it is a survival skill, in the places like the crowded local trains of Mumbai,India.

Methodical Intelligence

The set of behaviors requested, programmed or forced upon by Govt., society, religion and in some cases a dictator.

Sacha Baron Cohen in The Dictator.

Spiritual Intelligence

The philosophical capacity of an individual.It helps you determine your faith and beliefs (or maybe you can use it for making fan theories about the finale of LOST).

LOST (TV Series) meme



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